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Dogs are acknowledged for their loyalty, companionship, obedience, trustworthiness – and best of all they are known to be a man’s best friend. However, rising knife crimes, robberies and high gang violence in London has led to an increase in more diverse security requirements.

Dog security is one emerging need in many industries. Security dogs can help provide an extra level of safety, alert handlers and defend against trespassers. This is an incomparable method to protect your site, business and employees.

Dogs go through extensive training by their handlers for different security needs. Numerous training methods are employed; these include reward-based training, pseudo scents, classical conditioning or even luring dogs by motivating them.

There are various types of dog security your company can invest in.

Detection dogs are also known as sniffer dogs’, which clients usually hire for the detection of drugs or explosives. These dogs are trained to sniff specific substances and alert their handlers when they do come across a certain item. Detection dogs are usually used at airports or events like festivals and concerts.

Guard dogs can protect a site, person or business by staying alert and acting out on command by their handler.

Patrol dogs help guard different premises to safe keep sites against intruders. These dogs are trained to protect, bark and ward off suspicious trespassers. The dogs can easily locate individuals and apprehend them.

Attack dogs: these are usually required by military or police personnel, where the dogs protect their handlers or individuals against an attack. The dogs attack on command and target an assailant without inflicting damage.

What Are the Benefits of Having Dog Security?

Reaction times: trained dogs have exceptionally good reaction times. They can immediately sense danger, have sharp hearing, great sense of smell and respond quickly to danger.

Loyalty: security dogs are trained to act on command by their handler. This means that the dogs will not hesitate to carry out a task when directed by their handler. Having a dog is also very beneficial, especially for lone security workers who may feel outnumbered when a security breach occurs.

Increased security: security officers equipped with dogs enhance the overall level of security and deters criminals to commit a crime or create havoc on-site or against employees. Having dog security can also reduce the need for multiple security guards at one site. Therefore, being a cost-effective method for security.

Protection: in most cases, security systems and alarms can only alert companies of security breaches. Dogs not only alert their handlers but also defend, scare and attack offenders when the need arises.












The National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) ensures all trainers, handlers and dogs utilised by Security Companies can provide a high level of care, safety, health and welfare to both handlers and dogs. NASDU certifies a high level of training for both the dogs and the handlers to equip them with the necessary skills to work within a security environment. When considering dog security for your event or company it is critical to verify that the security company is NASDU accredited.

G3 Security Services strongly stress the benefits of hiring dog security and dog handler. Our officers are exceptionally experienced and G3 provide our clients with outstanding customer service. To discuss your requirements further do not hesitate to get in contact with us and speak to a member of our operations team.

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