Construction and building sites are highly prone to adversities like burglary, thefts and break-in and other anti social behaviors, resulting in very expensive losses and often costly delays. It can be avoided by using a licensed construction site security guard. And here at G3 we believe that as we are industry experienced and can assess well the intensity of risk involved in each site, we make sure we perform a Free Site Risk check on every site that we undertake and propose a detailed report to our clients stating the level of risk involved and the amount of security preferred to combat that risk. This site risk check is performed by our experienced management who has an expertise of being in the security industry for years.

This way G3 security ensures that your site is well protected. We use only fully trained SIA licensed guards to make sure that you receive the best possible service.G3 building site security guards have the experience and follow the correct procedures so that you, our customer, can relax whilst knowing that your site, tools, materials and equipment are safe.