If there is something that we Londoners take pride in, it’s our culture. The City is full of landmarks and memorials that have stood true to the tests of time. Art galleries, Theatres, Museums and Libraries – there is no dearth of inspiration here.

However, come summers and the city libraries face a new menace when they are overrun by eagerly enthusiastic students preparing for GCSE and A-levels. Kids always like to hang out in groups and without realising, they unwittingly end up disturbing the library regulars. The problem is that you can’t go calling 999 every time a kid starts talking, can you?

Ilford Recorder News about Library Security

Usually libraries have one or two security persons guarding their assets, but they are not professionally equipped to deal with kids. Teenagers today would not hesitate in pointing out the follies on social media. A report on the Ilford Recorder website mentions a few such tweets:

Security had to escort a girl out of the building because she was talking on the second floor….pathetic. – Cheryl

The guard was making more noise than the kids shhh-ing everyone. – Poonam Parmar

Can you really let your reputation be tarnished by kids? Some of us may even ignore it because they are ‘just kids’. But it does say a lot about professionalism, both on your part and on the part of your security guard company.

This is where Specialist Security Guard Companies come into place. At G3 Security, we indulge in understanding your business personally, because for us every business is unique. When you are looking for private security companies, you can’t just make a phone call and get it over with. You need someone who understands your business and offers services that specialise in your sector.

The newest addition to our clientèle is Redbridge Central Library, which has hired our services especially to deal with anti-social behaviour and maintaining order, in addition to the usual duties of preventing thefts. And apparently, our guards are also “a lot more visible!”

…Guarding Books and Etiquettes, indeed!

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