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Selecting the right hotel to stay in a factor which can make or break a traveller’s experience whether it is for a holiday or a short work stay. It is the aim of all hotels to make their guests feel comfortable throughout the duration of their stay. A hotel with inadequate security measures can jeopardise the guest’s safety which in reserve will impact their sense of comfort. It is the hotel’s duty to provide security measures for the safety and security of all their guests something which most good hotels take the responsibility of doing. Below are 10 tips for guests on how to do their part to stay safe in hotels.


  1. Do your research

It is very important that you do your research before choosing a hotel. The location of the hotel is extremely important when considering your security. We suggest that the best choice would be to choose a hotel which is in a metropolitan area rather than one which is in hidden away in a quiet road.


  1. Call ahead

Before booking, call the hotel and inquire about the security of the site. Ask if there is a security guard present and CCTV installed.


  1. Always keep your key card safe and secure

Avoid misplacing or losing your key card by keeping in your wallet, purse or bag always when you are not using it.


  1. Keep all valuables in the safe provided in the hotel

Safes are provided in most hotels for your peace of mind as a guest that your valuables are safe whilst you are out of the room. If your hotel does not provide this feature, then take your valuable items with you.


  1. Make sure to lock your room door before going to bed

People are most vulnerable whilst asleep and intruders and thieves are aware of this. For this reason, most robberies and thefts are committed during the night. Therefore, ensure that before going to sleep you lock your door to avoid.


  1. Stay with your luggage- 

Whilst checking stay with your luggage. At this time, when you are distracted confirming your identity and signing documents it is easy for thieves to target your luggage. Whilst you check in and out rather than leaving it unsupervised.


  1. Inspect the room- 

I’m sure we have all come across at least a few horror stories about hidden cameras installed in hotel rooms. Therefore, it would be wise to inspect your room as soon as you get inside.


  1. Call for room service rather than leaving your card on the door- 

If you require room service it might prove to be safer to call room service to your room rather than leaving a card on your door. Such a card on the door is a signal to any intruders that you are expecting someone, this is something they can take advantage of.


  1. Don’t open the door to strangers- 

Before opening the door to any stranger confirm their identity. If they claim to hotel staff ask for their identification.


  1. If you suspect anybody or anything report it to the security officer on site.

If as a guest you notice that a security guard is not present at the hotel in which you are staying suggests that they take security measures and hire the best in the business, G3 Security Ltd.

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