Now UK Home Office minister is thinking to shift security staff licensing authority to private security companies. And security watch dog will operate in private sector rather than under UK government financial support. There are many Security Companies established in UK in last ten years especially in London. Its is surprising that there are certain firms that have establish themselves from the comfort of their home. They also operate as an incorporation under limited company banner. Moreover, there is only one person who is in charge of all the activities.

Do you think the standard of the security company in the United Kingdom has fallen?

This is the topic which help us to find flaws which are regularly neglected.

A feedback from your point of view will help increase our performance.

SIA for security company london
ISO 9000:2015 for Security Companies London
Safe contractor for Security Companies London
Bsia for security companies london

We think there are many security companies in London that are not appropriately certified and affiliated with the regulatory boards. This is another reason for the downfall of standards and bringing the security industry name to shame.

Someone has to point this out and also lookout such companies that are setup from house. These companies market themselves in a very good and professional way. However, we think they lack in basic administration or customer service skills.

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