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Healthcare Security Guards

G3 Security understand the enormous responsibilities and risks that the healthcare industry faces in the UK and are ready to respond to such situations all year round. It is vital to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, staff, visitors and guests, within a highly stressful environment with ever-tightening budgets.

To respond to this need, G3 Security have developed a team of specialist healthcare officers, each of whom are highly-trained to manage healthcare security situations sympathetically yet firmly.

Typical healthcare areas in which we operate include:

Accident and Emergency Departments (A&E)

This is a particularly challenging environment and one in which our security officers have to manage patients who may be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, who are frequently abusive and violent towards medical staff or are not compliant with the hospital rules. Such situations can involve control and restraint, assisting the Police and ejecting the violent or abusive behaviour.

Mental Health Units

This area is a unique situation for our officers to manage. Patients or residents need to be dealt with in a sympathetic, sensitive and professional manner. Our guards remain alert at all times as incidents can escalate rapidly and can sometimes become violent to others. The guard must complete strict protocols to ensure all rules and regulations are covered.

Social Care

Our guards are appointed to maintain the security for the site. They remain a visible presence for the duration of their shift and monitor CCTV where appropriate. By supporting the facility manager, they can easily respond to all health and safety issues the site may contain and report the incidents in a timely manner. With elderly and residential care homes, we ensure the access control is vigilant in ensuring no unauthorised guests enter the buildings.

Private Healthcare

Security guards in in the private healthcare sector represent the face of the company to all patients, visitors, guests and staff. They maintain professional relationships with the people they encounter and keep their sites safe.

Our guards will conduct security patrols of the hospital grounds and wards and remain a visible deterrent for the prevention of crime and disorder.

Our security staff will respond to a wide range of incidents, from dealing with violent and abusive patients or visitors, locating missing patients, theft and criminal damage to property or belongings through to escorting staff or relatives at night.

Ensuring property is successfully locked and unlocked when required by the client and maintaining the site where necessary.

How our guards perform their duties in the healthcare sector:

Our guards are usually based at the hospital entrance to monitor people going in and out of the building.

They will:

  • Challenge anyone who is not a member of staff or a patient
  • Make sure suspicious characters have a reason to be in the hospital
  • Ask official visitors to sign in and issue them with a pass
  • Deal with any incidents which might threaten the security of staff and patients
  • Where possible, diffuse potentially difficult situations
  • Call in police or other emergency services if required
  • Monitor CCTV
  • Patrol the inside and outside of the hospital by foot or car including the grounds
  • Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents, emergencies, or security investigations.

If you require a team of guards, we will appoint one supervisor in the team per shift.

They will:

  • Oversee the work of several security officers
  • Organise staff rotas and shifts
  • Deal with day-to-day staffing and security issues
  • Draw up security plans
  • Advise managers and clinical staff on security issues
  • Organise staff training

Why choose G3 Security?

Our clients expect security staff to be experienced in customer service, particularly dealing with challenging situations. G3 Security therefore ensures we provide our security guards with the relevant training to equip them with the skills to complete the contract.

When a client takes our services, we will ensure the security guards receive an introduction to the healthcare site before the contract commences to ensure they have an in-depth knowledge of all departments and their systems and procedures. The guards will be expected to keep their skills and knowledge up to date by going on short courses on particular topics, such as conflict resolution, basic first aid or physical intervention.

Attributes our guards must possess are:

  • Great communication skills to understand situations quickly and able to follow procedure
  • SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licence
  • Good standard of numeracy and literacy.
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • Confident and reassuring influence
  • Resilient in dealing with other people’s challenging behaviour
  • Able to work alone or in a team

These specialist services were developed by G3 Security out of an in-depth understanding of the issues facing healthcare professionals every day. Every healthcare situation is unique and we would be happy to discuss any additional healthcare services that you may require.

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