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The strength of a team is each individual member, the strength of each individual member is the team. At G3 Security we believe our staff is our asset and believe our success is driven by our team. Our people are most treasured asset of our business. This is what our employee have to say about us:

I have been working with G3 Security Ltd for 2 years now. Since working here I have enjoyed every moment of it, working alongside my colleagues has been a rewarding experience. Over the years I have worked for a number of security companies, but G3 has been the BEST one yet! Management and Admin team are very helpful and friendly with any situation, they are always there to help. I definitely would recommend G3 to any family/friends who would love to work in the security industry. I am very proud to wear the uniform and represent the company.

Jennifer Edwards
Security Officer

I have worked in the head office of G3 Security Ltd for several years. It is an engaging role for a forward-thinking organisation who work tirelessly to create a safer environment for our clients, guards and the general public.

Manisha Lamba
Business Development Manager

Working for G3 security more than 4 years, great and wonderful experience I have. Always the management fully support, any time when need any assistance, paid always on time, regular meetings between staff and management, refreshment courses and have a great working relation with administration in the company I highly recommend this company give them 5 🌟 star rating.

Shahid Babar
Security Officer

I have worked for the company for just over a year now and It’s a pleasure to work as a part of G3 Team. I would personally recommend G3 as the staff are looked after very well.

Mr. Ikram is very understanding and courteous to all his staff.

Every day is a learning experience and joining G3 has helped me building my confidence levels and people management skills.

Bhaskar Kalavantula
Operation Manager

G3 Security ltd, I don’t often say this, but this is one of the best companies I have every work for. Their approach is not top down, meaning that management is always talking down to their employee, but instead I fine that they are polite, understandable and good to work with as employers. like every company nothing is ever perfect, and there is always something more we all would like from the companies we work for, but in my honest opinion, the flexibility and honesty they have towards their employees, is the best I have seen in all my years working for different companies. Working at G3 is an experience, the team is great to work with, and I always fine that any issues are dealt with in a mature and adult like way. Both management and team work well, and I can only say it a positive experience, and a great company to work for. These are my honest opinion of this company, and I hope they continue to do well.

Ferdinal Knight
Security Officer

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