Traffic Marshals

What is the meaning of Traffic Marshal?

Also known as vehicle banksmen, these are the people who ensure safe movement of large vehicles around a site and reduce the chance that accidents do happen.

What is the role of traffic Marshall?

Control the entry and exit of individuals, materials, and vehicles through the car park. Patrol on foot search for any situations or conditions hazardous to the property or safety of person at a site. Patrol all outside parking areas as required to ensure vehicle safety and to detect an unauthorized person. Being a traffic marshal is a little like being the eyes and ears of the driver of a large vehicle, particularly cranes.

We at G3 Security specialise in providing man guarding security and traffic marshals to projects and sites for a range of clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous feedback enables us to develop procedures that revolve around delivering high quality services to important clients.

Our traffic Marshalls can be used in the following areas:

  Construction sites     Development areas     Educational centres  
  Large-scale events     Traffic hot spots     Built-up areas  
  Car Parks     Theme Parks   Hotels

The traffic marshal’s main role is to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrian traffic on the client’s site and the public. The traffic marshal uses the correct hand signals and equipment to hold traffic, co-ordinate movements and communicate with personnel through radios. We will facilitate our client in providing the correct health and safety standards to the site. Our traffic marshals assist and guide the delivery drivers in their duties of reversing and unloading in the safest way.

It is a public facing and a responsible role where the traffic marshal must:
  • Maintain security surveillance, visitor’s logbook, and record deliveries
  • Facilitate vehicles into and out of the site entrance
  • Preserve pedestrian and traffic routes
  • Managing and ensuring the safe movement of traffic in and around the site
  • Ensuring visitors to site are always wearing appropriate safety uniform
  • Monitor all visitors to the site and ensure they are authorised to enter
  • Other ad-hoc requests

Our traffic marshals at G3 Security are fully trained and licenced to carry out all the above duties and are happy and willing to go above and beyond their job description. The traffic marshals shall wear our full uniform as well a brightly coloured hi-vis jacket to ensure they remain visible throughout their shift.

We at G3 Security pride ourselves on the high calibre and expertise of our team, and actively meet the complex needs of our customers. We encourage a collaborative relationship with clients and request feedback on a regular basis.

When requesting a quotation our team will assess your needs and offer you the best solution to cover your site at a competitive price.

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