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Providing security services for offices and corporate areas has some very specific requirements, not least of which is the first impression given to visitors. External security staff must be of the same high caliber and smart appearance as company employees.

Of paramount importance is the ability of our corporate security staff to seamless integrate with the client’s employees.

Corporate security staff are individually chosen for their customer service skills, friendly manner and ability. In addition, they are always dressed smartly and authoritatively to create a favorable impression on visitors and staff alike, also acting as a highly-visible deterrent.

Within the corporate environment we offer a range of managed security services, including:

Office Complex Security

In large office complexes the premises may be occupied by a large number of employees, supplemented by a regular stream of visitors.

Today there are many potential threats to security in an office environment. Each must be identified and addressed with the minimum of disruption to the organisation.

Whether the threat is internal or external, our highly trained corporate security staff will identify the risks and neutralise the problem, quickly and efficiently. They will also put in place preventative measures and incident procedures to prevent a repetition of the incident.

Complete Concierge Service

Due to our success in corporate security for them, a number of our clients asked us to extend the range of office services offered.We therefore introduced our Complete Concierge Service – integrating security duties with those of customer service. Members of this elite team are handpicked for their friendly manner, immaculate appearance and professional abilities. As a result, clients know that both their public reception areas and private office space are being managed proactively and professionally.

Concierge services offered include: full Reception duties, visitor screening, regulating visitor parking, managing incoming and outgoing mail, checking plant and electrical equipment as well as monitoring electrical appliances (for environmental and cost-saving) and patrolling premises, inside and outside, day and night.

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