Why Security Guards Are Even More Important In Retail Than Ever Before:

Lockdown rules are slowly easing. As some businesses are slowly beginning to reopen, it is highly crucial they integrate social distancing measures. Especially retailers, restaurants, sport venues and other highly crowded areas where the general public may tend to be at a close proximity to each other. How to ensure social distancing: Have a one-way […]

Looking After Your Mental Health During This Pandemic

A new respiratory illness titled ‘Coronavirus’ is affecting thousands of people around the world. Necessary precautions should be taken, and individuals are advised to remain alert of the dangers this virus can bring. The most common signs of the infection include fever, cough, vomiting and difficulty in breathing. In most severe cases, coronavirus can cause […]

“An Equal World Is An Enabled World”

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8th March. This day celebrates the achievement of women across various elements and calls for gender parity. International Women’s Day is all about unity, reflection, advocacy and action. Women in International Security (WIIS) is dedicated to advancing the leadership and development of women in the security field. WIIS […]

Keeping Safe During The Festive Season

Christmas season is officially upon us! Which means more parties, winter wonderlands and Christmas lights at every corner. However, all the stress and strains during the festive period can all catch up. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips to stay safe and vigilant. Decoration Safety Fairy lights, tinsels, Christmas trees and novelties are […]