Keeping Safe During The Festive Season

Christmas season is officially upon us! Which means more parties, winter wonderlands and Christmas lights at every corner. However, all the stress and strains during the festive period can all catch up. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips to stay safe and vigilant. Decoration Safety Fairy lights, tinsels, Christmas trees and novelties are […]

Trick or Treating Season Is Upon Us…

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, which means some people are celebrating the weekend before, the weekend after and all of October. Spooky parties and trick-or-treating also means being extra cautious! That’s why we’ve put together our top safety tips for this year’s spooky pumpkin season. Decoration Safety Whether you are putting up eerie […]

Keep Your House Secured During Holiday Season

Many people are off on their holidays over the summer, which means houses are left unoccupied and are easily accessible to criminals. There are a few ways in which you can protect your premises whilst you’re away… 1. Let there be light! Your house can’t seem completely unoccupied to criminals or trespassers, so the best […]

Mistakes Your Company Is Making by Not Investing in Security Officers

If you and your business are relying solely on alarm and security systems, then you are endangering your business, site and employees. Although these high-tech alarms, CCTV or other new technological security advancements provide you with intruder alerts, monitoring and sirens, security officers are still an option you won’t regret investing in. 1. Most businesses […]