5 things to look for when hiring a security service- G3 Security Ltd

Are you looking to hire a security company but are getting confused by the sheer amount of companies around? As a security service provider, we know first-hand that the market is currently flooded with security companies, from small scale companies to massive organisations, which each offering something different. This article will suggest some tips when […]

Christchurch and the rise of terrorism-G3 Security

The tragic event which recently took place in the town of Christchurch, New Zealand, where fifty Muslim worshippers fell victim of terrorist Brenton Tarrant’s hate crime has considerably shaken the world. Unfortunately, however, the actual event was not the saddest part of this whole tragic ordeal rather the saddest part is that an event as […]

Safer physical intervention for security personnel

If you are currently working as a security officer, door supervisory or bouncer you should be trained to handle every kind of difficult situation that may arise whilst on duty. As a security personnel it is inevitable that you will at some point need to use force to resolve a situation which can get dangerous. […]

Why you should choose an ACS approved security company

In recent years the security sector has exploded and when searching for a security company the market is wider than ever before. Though there is a lot of competition out there, here at G3 Security Ltd we are confident in the quality of service we provide. A signifier of this is our ACS accreditations and […]

The rise of knife crime in London

Knife crime in London in recent months has risen to the highest ever recorded levels with 15,0000 offences being committee during last year according to official figures released by the Metropolitan police. I find it alarming that in recent months it has become uncommon to come across news of stabbings every other day from newspapers, […]