Moving Out For Uni? Read Our Top Tips On Accommodation Safety…

It’s September – which means the academic year has officially begun for many across the UK. For some, it also means moving out for university for the first time ever! This can be exciting, daunting and surprising all at once.That’s why we’ve put together some safety tips students should be aware of… 1.Protect Your Valuables […]

Keep Your House Secured During Holiday Season

Many people are off on their holidays over the summer, which means houses are left unoccupied and are easily accessible to criminals. There are a few ways in which you can protect your premises whilst you’re away… 1. Let there be light! Your house can’t seem completely unoccupied to criminals or trespassers, so the best […]

Mistakes Your Company Is Making by Not Investing in Security Officers

If you and your business are relying solely on alarm and security systems, then you are endangering your business, site and employees. Although these high-tech alarms, CCTV or other new technological security advancements provide you with intruder alerts, monitoring and sirens, security officers are still an option you won’t regret investing in. 1. Most businesses […]

Diverse Needs. Diverse Security.

Increasing crime rates and threat levels have led to more diverse security options. Intruder alarms and high-tech security systems are not providing much help as they once used to. Individuals want more advanced security, cutting-edge safety methods and high levels of protection. This has led people to turn to security options such as mobile patrols, […]

5 things to look for when hiring a security service- G3 Security Ltd

Are you looking to hire a security company but are getting confused by the sheer amount of companies around? As a security service provider, we know first-hand that the market is currently flooded with security companies, from small scale companies to massive organisations, which each offering something different. This article will suggest some tips when […]

Secure strategies for construction sites- G3 Security Ltd

Figures reveal that over the last few years the construction industry has contributed consistently to the growth of the British economy with last year’s statistics stating a precise 0.6% incline. The daily mail reported this to be the ‘biggest boom ever’ in the construction industry which they reflected was driven by the soaring temperature. Construction […]

6 Reasons why you need to hire a Security guard for your business

Having a trained security personnel safeguarding your facility can prove to be a big benefit for your business as it actively prevents vandalism, theft and common misbehaviour from occurring at the site making it a safer place for everyone to be in and around. When one imagines a security guard scene from movies instantly appear […]