We live in the age of social media, adventurous millennials and adventure junkies, a combination which screams for online attention. With solo travelling becoming a massive trend on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, more and more people are preferring to pack their bags and head of on an adventure to find themselves whilst documenting their journeys online.

One must, however, remember that often the world can be a scary place especially when you find yourself within an unfamiliar place and culture. For this reason, travelling solo requires some special attention to one’s safety and security.  Down below you can find 10 tips on how to stay safe as you explore the horizons of both the world and your independence.

  • Plan your trip

Solo travel safety begins before you start your journey.  It is extremely important that before setting off you prepare yourself by planning your trip. Therefore, the research that you conduct beforehand is very important. This is because knowledge protects you from the danger of misinformation. If you are prepared for the environment and culture which you will be in, you will be safeguarded from people trying to take advantage of you.

  • Choose your destination wisely

As previously mentioned, the world can be a scary place, therefore, choosing the destination of your solo travel adventure is very important. This is because there are places out in the world where it is less safe for both tourists and solo travellers. Ensure, that the place you want to visit has a decent number of tourists and is not going hosting any political demonstrations.

  • Check your government’s travel site

Your government likely has information on the travel documents you require for travel as well as any warnings for your destination. Here are links for travel alerts for United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

  • Buy travel insurance

Buying travel insurance before your solo travel is probably one of the wisest things you can do. It is very important to be safeguarded whilst travelling alone therefore if anything is to happen to you, e.g. theft you can claim back the amount which has been wrongfully stolen from you.

  • Stay in public areas

Make sure that you stay in public areas whilst travelling alone this is because often tourists are targeted most by thieves and bandits. The chance of a solo traveller being targeted is higher as they are seen to be easier targets due to being alone.

  • Do not disclose personal information

Personal information such as the site of your residence must be kept to yourself. Do not disclose this information to or in front of any strangers, your accommodation should be your safe haven.

  • Stay Alert

Staying alert always is something that all travellers must do. This is because as previously mentioned they are easily targeted by thieves and vandals; therefore, the solo traveller must always be alert and prepared for anything. Make sure that when you are walking the streets you are not distracted by your mobile phone. For this reason, we also suggest that you take your headphones out.

  • Don’t show off

Try to blend in as much as possible, the more you stand out the easier it will be to target you. Therefore, be discreet in your dress and actions when out and about. Try to memorise a map before exploring the area in which you will be travelling or use the GPS on your phone. This is because a large physical map will attract attention to yourself. Only use the physical map if the battery of your device has lost charge.

  • Take special care of your documents

Securing your special documentation such as your passport and travel documents is vital. Make sure they are locked away in either the safe of tour hotel if provided, hidden somewhere discreet in your hotel or with yourself always.

  • Carry the business card of your hotel

When in an unfamiliar place is it easy to get lost therefore before leaving your accommodations to ensure that you are carrying a form of address of the accommodation at which you are staying, whether this is in writing or a hotel business care. It is vital that you have this information in a physical format because electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches can run out of battery leaving you stranded.

Lastly, remember to be confident and make the most of your trip 😊


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