THE FESTIVE SEASON IS HERE! It is time for family gathering and long over-due catch-up’s with our old school friends. Undeniably, it is such occasions like Christmas that bring cheer to our lives as we reconnect at the old local pub, a mutual favourite restaurant or our childhood home all cosy around the fireplace. However, amongst all this festive spirit, we mustn’t forget to keep our properties safe. The Christmas period is a prosperous time for burglars and squatters. The expensive gifts neatly packed away under your Christmas tree along with your justified absence from home (last minute Christmas shoppers like me or boozing late night in the pub with friends) provides the best opportunity for burglars to enter the treasure troves that are our homes and our vacant properties

It was reported last year that the number of burglaries, thefts and robberies committed over the Christmas period reached an alarming peak. According to new research as reported by the Daily Mail ‘The Christmas fortnight saw more than a 20 percent more offences in 2016 than three years earlier in 2014. The number of thefts rose from 11,804 to 15,148 while burglaries were up from 5,222 to 6,278. Robberies rose from 674 to 918’ and these statistics rose a considerable amount in 2017 as expected. This is because the winter months are especially tempting for burglars as longer nights provide more opportunity for crime to take place under the cover of darkness, therefore it’s important to remain vigilant and ensure your home is adequately protected.


Below I have listed 10 step’s you can take to safeguard your personal and professional spaces during the Christmas period.

  1. Install a security and fire alarm- (and if you already have one make sure that it works)
  1. Take advantage of those nosey neighbours and create a neighbourhood group chat- Sometimes nosey neighbours can prove to be extremely useful! Creating a group chat on WhatsApp with a member of each household from your street will allow everyone to communicate their concerns if they suspect any suspicious activity.
  1. Improve lighting- No lighting or dim lighting is usually the first indicator of a vacant property to burglars. Therefore, either install sensor active lighting or timer lighting to deter burglars. (And if you’re old fashioned like and want to save some money, leave your passage and porch lights on)
  1. Install security cameras-For your piece of mind, it would be beneficial to install security cameras, so you are able to keep watchful eye over your property even when you are physical absent from it (Perfect for those of you are planning on escaping to warmer continent to celebrate your holidays. However, if like myself you are not so fortunate enough to be able to do this, security cameras are a great way to keep track of what’s going on whilst you’re out doing your last-minute Christmas shopping or on a night late night out with your friends)
  1. Make sure your property is easily accessible- You can do this by introducing high fences and railings. (This will make it harder for burglars to get both in and out)
  1. Don’t broadcast your absence- I know this one may be a little difficult during the era of social media, but it is important not to overshare too much information about your whereabouts. Social media makes it easier for people to be targeted as burglars can monitor your every move. Therefore, make sure your posts are restricted to ‘private’ on Facebook, twitter and Instagram so nobody you don’t know can keep tabs on your whereabouts.
  1. Keep your tree out of sight of windows- It has become a somewhat festive tradition which I can’t deny Is absolutely beautiful to look at, this however, isn’t the movies. If you know that you live in a neighbourhood that has recently been targeted by burglars or has seen a rise in criminal activity, then it would be wise to advertise your tree and presents by placing it directly in front of a window.
  1. Don’t leave discarded boxes of expensive items (e.g. TVs, iPads, desktop computers) outside the house after Christmas. They simply advertise what’s been added to your home contents and enable burglars to work out where they should focus their attention.
  1. Double check that your doors and windows are locked before leaving your properly.
  1. Ensure that you have the right level of home contents insurance. If you are spending a small fortune on gifts at Christmas, remember to inform your insurer that you’ll have new, expensive items under your roof.
  1. Arrange for a mobile patrol to check your areas- If the area in which you live has a reputation of burglaries, thefts and robberies and you suspect that your property is at risk of being burgled mobile patrolling is worth consideration. G3 Security Ltd have noticed a high increase in companies and private individuals taking our mobile patrol services. This service best suits businesses looking to maintain a high level of security and safety at their premises or site, but who do always not have the requirement for a static security officer. Our mobile patrol service is the most cost-effective, efficient alternative to the presence of a static security guard. We offer mobile patrolling services of both residential and commercial buildings. Our security guards are available both day and night allowing you the peace of mind that your property is always safeguarded.
  1. Set up a key holding contract with a reputable security company who will control access to your property or building- Key Holding and Alarm Response is a simple and cost-effective security solution for companies wishing to secure their premises during out of office hours. At G3 Security Ltd we offer this service to ensure our clients that a guard to respond to any intruder alerts, fire alarm activations and other issues.
  1. Organise for a security guard to house sit your property while you are away- This is a new service we offer here at G3 Security Ltd in response to the rise of thefts, burglaries and robberies in residential areas during the holiday season. If you suspect that your property may be targeted, and you require housesitting while you are away we are now able to arrange this.

Please feel free to contact G3 Security Ltd on 0203 288 0000 / 0203 288 0011 or email us on for a free quotation for mobile patrol, key holding or security guarding over the Christmas break.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!