Without taking the necessary steps to protect your apartment block you put both your business and more importantly the residence that install their trust in your service. There is a clear distinction between a good service provider and one which slacks when considering the security measures of residential buildings. The points listed below are indicators of a good provider who cares about the safety of their residence.

  1. CCTV system- Closed Circuit Television, also known as CCTV, is an efficient way to monitor properties in the most convenient way possible. Residential buildings are often of substantial sizes and therefore they can be difficult to monitor. CCTV makes it easier to monitor the whole building from a single place. Additionally, CCTV also enacts as a deterrent as well as evidence against crimes committed on the property in some cases. Investing in a good CCTV system will provide both you and your residents with piece of mind they deserve.
  1. Access control- Access control via ID cards, key fobs etc are measures which should be taken by the facility provider to further secure the premises against any unwelcome visitors. Key’s unlike electronic devices can be duplicated by thieves therefore maintaining the safety of your facility with access control via electric devices may prove to be an investment work making.
  1. Intercom System- A intercom system is a two-way communication system which allows residence to first establish who they are talking to before providing visitors with access into their building. This limits the risk of intruders getting into the premises further as all visitors must be given permission by residents via the residents to come into the building.
  1. Manned Guarding- Though all the above are individually good security solutions, they in conjunction with manned guarding will create a solid security solution for your residential facility. Manned guarding is one of the best security solutions for residential buildings. This is because they are physically present on site and able to monitor not only the CCTV but also through conducting mobile patrols. Additionally, a guard enacts as a deterrent for vandals, thieves and intruders and therefore their mere presence on site is enough to prevent crime.

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