In recent years, the number of violent crimes and offences by sharp knives has increased, with most knife crimes occurring among young people in the United Kingdom. Most knife crimes are either violent assaults or robberies. The stats of these crimes are increasing daily, and these incidents have increased over the last few years.

Police have been investigating why knife crimes are increasing in the UK and have changed tactics to find the culprits. They used to stop many people on the street and check if they carried any weapons with them or not. This technique is called Stop And Search. But this can also be a failure because many of them usually say that they carry weapons for their safety. Knife crime in Uk is also increasing because police can only stop some of the people in the street and search them out for having weapons.

What is Knife Crime?

A knife is classified as an offensive weapon. The answer to the question What is Knife Crime? is any offence in which a sharp instrument is used or possessed that may pierce the skin. It includes many crimes, including:

  • Carrying a knife or buying a knife if you are under 18
  • Doing robbery and burglary by using a knife as a threat
  • Threatening someone with a knife
  • Owning a banned knife
  • Intent to injure or harm someone with a knife
  • Murdering or injuring someone with a knife.

The reporting of knife crimes in the UK is increasing at an exponential rate because of several reasons; some are given below:

The Evolution Of Street Gangs:

Street gangs are roaming every street in the UK. they are becoming much more brutal in grabbing money through street robbery, burglary, buying and selling things, etc. they live on earning from areas of multiple deprivations. The concerning factor today is the age of these gang members. In the past, gang members were usually of ripened age, but now it is seen that most of the gang members involved in Knife Crimes In Uk are young and 21-22 years older.

The young people are struggling to maintain their status and reputation in this materialistic world and to cope with their expenses; they are involved in street crimes and possessing a knife. Therefore, violence and cruelty are much more prevalent in recent times.

Impact Of Social Media:

Social media has a significant influence on the question of Why knife crime is Increasing In The Uk? Social media is an accelerator to promote knife crimes because it is a medium for several audiences. It adds petrol to the fire because people can easily access all the ways of street crimes and can see several people live streaming different fights on their smartphones. Many of the incidents of knife crimes are available on the internet, and people are well aware of What Is Knife Crime?

Landscape Of Fear:

The continuous increase in Knife Crime In the Uk has led to a landscape of fear in the young community. Suppose young people are not part of a gang or culprit but possess a knife for their safety. They need to be made aware of the answer to the question What Is Knife Crime? They did not know mere keeping a sharp knife is a crime. Usually, they fear that the environment for them is unsafe. They can be a victim of knife crime at any time, so they possess a weapon for their safety and protection. They often do not tell about their fears to anyone and believe that carrying a knife will save them from burglars, robbers, etc.

Emergence Of County Lines:

County lines are the drug distribution centres and supply networks that run from large cities to small rural areas. These county lines engage many young people in different crimes. They recruit and groom many young people to operate their businesses in the localised area. The criminals involved in the drug dealing business are also involved in many knife crimes, which is one of the main reasons Knife Crime is increasing in the UK.

Toxic Environment For Young People:

Knife crime may be a symptom of the toxic environment adults create for the younger ones. Homes, schools, neighbourhoods, and recreational activities may become toxic environments for the children when their relationships fail to nurture them, protect them, and the children do not reach their desired goals. The children became scared and joined different crime gangs and started committing violent crimes. All you need is to address your children, let them know the consequences of these crimes, and make a healthy environment for them.

How To Tackle The Problem?

The government plans to tackle the Emerging rate of Knife Crime In the UK. Dedicated  security companies work to disrupt criminal activity and remove street weapons. If you are facing any challenge of street crime,  contact us for your support.