Are you looking to hire a security company but are getting confused by the sheer amount of companies around? As a security service provider, we know first-hand that the market is currently flooded with security companies, from small scale companies to massive organisations, which each offering something different. This article will suggest some tips when selecting a security company which you will enable you to choose a company that will not just fulfil your expectations but also share your core values. Read below five tips on what to look for when selecting the best company and making the most out of your money.

Do they have a dedicated account manager?

At G3 Security we provide each client with a dedicated account manager. Most security companies manage their clients in a pool of others, however, we believe that creating a maintaining a strong relationship with our clients is key to quality security management. A operations manager is allocated to all new clients based on the client’s needs and expectations. This sole person oversees the smooth running of the site via constant consultation and feedback so that we can continuously improve our services. This feature sets us apart from the rest of the security companies as by focusing individually we provide a personal service, something which in the security industry is always rewarding for both us and our clients.

Is the company you are considering experienced?

Nowadays anybody can start a security company, therefore, we strongly suggest that when selecting a service provider to safeguard your facility and assets you are satisfied the art; they can handle the job. This is because in the security sector we cannot afford to have mishaps, literally. Therefore, the best solution is to select a security provider which has substantial experience. Here at G3 Security Limited, we have over ten years of experience providing service excellence.

Do they provide a free consultation, security plan and risk assessment?

The answer to the above question is will be an indicator of the professionalism of the security company. If they do not conduct the above refrain from selecting such a company despite the probable tempting price. G3 Security Services Ltd provides a free consultation, security plan and conducts a thorough risk assessment. Before we take on any new sites we like to prepare and organise ourselves to avoid any accidents.

Do they have a 24-hour control room?

Reliability and professionalism are key to a good security company and a good indicator of this is 24-hour service. When considering a security company, ensure that there is someone available to contact 24/7. This is because anything can take place at any time of day. A security company which only regulates during specific hours will be unaware and unresponsive to any issues that take place on the site during out of hours’ time. G3’s clients as well as guards’ benefit from our 24-hour control room service as if any issues were to arise on site we can respond immediately. We also have the provision of key holding and alarm response which requires our supervisors to respond within 20 mins. Our control room team monitor sign in, sign out’s as well as the hourly check calls of guards. This feature gives our clients peace of mind that their facility is in safe hands.

What makes them different?

G3 Security Ltd is among the 10 per cent of companies accredited nationwide by CCAS. We work in compliance with British standards BS-7400:2013, BS-7960:2016, BS-7884-1:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. Additionally, all our guards are recruited in compliance with BS 7858:2012. Moreover, all our suppliers have a quality management system and are in line with BSEN ISO 14001. They have health and safety accreditations and conduct due diligence to assess whether the supply chain is free from slavery servitude, forced or compulsory labour or human trafficking. G3 Security Ltd.’s accreditation is a clear indicator of the company’s core values as an ethically motivated company.

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