Businesses and residential colonies are increasingly recruiting security guard companies in London to conduct mobile patrols of their properties. It gives them an additional sense of security and discourages criminal activity in the region. Here are some things you should consider while conducting a patrol:

  1. Remember that even though you are conducting patrols, you are not an officer in service. Your efforts should thus be proactive towards safeguarding the private property of your clients.
  2. You should always keep changing your security patrol pattern and timings to deter criminals.
  3. Watch out for vehicles that seem out of place or are illegally parked. Make a note of it and follow procedure.
  4. Always follow all laws – traffic and State. If you find something wrong, inform the authorities. Though you may act in case of an absolute emergency when someone’s life may be in danger to protect it as a good Samaritan.
  5. Don’t drive past in speed to cut time, instead drive under the speed limit and carefully observe the surrounding areas as well. Sometimes criminals can spot your vehicle and stop away from the property, waiting for you to pass.
  6. Driving at night can be tricky. You can use your spotlights or any flash-lights to get a better look at areas that may be dark and not easily visible.
  7. When conducting a drive past any retail clients, you should always slow down and get a better look at the glass walls and doors. Many times criminals cut through the glass wall and place the glass back in position with a tape to fool mobile patrols.

Mobile security patrols are not quite similar to protecting a property on ground, however, they are equally as efficient in preventing criminal activity. Remember to use your common sense, follow all laws and memorise the procedures by heart as they could come in handy in your next patrol.

things to consider when conducting a mobile patrol

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