Here are some easy tips to help you get started:

Take your training seriously.

You would be responsible for guarding other’s lives as well as your own. Whatever you learn during your training could actually mean the difference between life and death. Pay attention and ask questions when you are not sure.

Keep yourself in touch.

Once you are done with your training and on field duty, it’s still very important to keep yourself in touch with what you have studied. Go through your course material from time to time until you have enough experience to know it all by heart.

Attend refresher courses

From time to time you would need to polish your skill sets. Attend any refresher courses for upgrades on new rules and regulations. Also make sure that you read magazines and articles that relate to your job, it will help you know what’s new out there.

Stay physically fit

Exercise everyday and regularly practice your self defense skills. This will help you remain sharp and active.

Networking is important

When employed by an agency or working privately, it is very important to build connections. Talk to your managers or supervisors about company policy and also take time out to meet others in your profession. You will not only learn more from others experiences but also might find yourself a better opportunity.

Read about your company and where you work

Read, read and then read some more. Even though your job requires you to be physically active, reading about your company procedures as well as news of what’s happening around you will always help you be ready for any eventuality.

Stay focused when on job

When you are working, stay sharp and focused at all times. Don’t make any presumptions and stay on your guard. People may not look the way they act so always approach them carefully.

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