Who isn’t familiar with the term ‘bouncer‘ that is used to describe those burly looking guys usually dressed in black in a night club? They may be the most identifiable aspect of any night club or bar and are almost essential to the smooth working of any good establishment.

Main duties of a bouncer

  • To patrol and protect guests as well as staff from any improper or lewd acts.
  • To warn and evict the guilty tactfully.
  • To inform the police when and where it is necessary.

Bouncers are security guards in disguise and every bartenders’ best friend on call. They are actually responsible for the good or bad image of any night club. Having patient and tactful bouncers is essential for any night club looking to be in the good books of their customers. It’s often seen that clubs usually hire security guards and bouncers that have a good built and height. This not only intimidates the guests, but also helps keep things in order. However, now a days it’s common practice to see many elegantly dressed door men and bouncers. This is because night clubs are looking to present themselves as more sophisticated and classy, moving away from the 70’s image of Hollywood rule enforcers.

In earlier days to be hired as a bouncer, one would often end up stopping a fight or picking one with the bouncer in a club; something like the cowboys from the wild wild west. Sometimes you may have even got in by talking to the manager, however mostly it was all about networking. But now, things have changed. Bouncers are now hired on contract through security guard companies with proper training and skills.

Requirements to be a bouncer

  • Must hold a valid licence from the Security Industry Authority
  • Have valid references and no criminal history
  • Be well trained and tactful

In the UK, sometimes bouncers are also referred to as floor man, floor person, doorman or cooler. Even though basically the job function remains the same, it may differ slightly according to the role in a particular establishment.

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