If you don’t already have a proper corporate security plan in place, you should make it your top priority to get one ready as soon as possible. Your corporate security plan will work as an umbrella document that would govern and guide security measures across your work place. It will include everything from screening candidates before employment to managing visitors.

Corporate Security Planning in 4 Easy Tips:

1. The one standard plan for everything

It is very important that while devising this plan you think of it as a standard which will be followed throughout all your office buildings, and not just one of them. It will ensure that there is a consistency in your rules and procedures for security across all of your corporate domain. Also, you can use it as a basic security guideline and then include other building specific plans for each office, ensuring that any location doesn’t miss overlook any security concerns.

2. Make it universally liable

Having a corporate security plan in place that is universally liable across all your offices will ensure that no one can circumvent around the rules when it comes to liability. It works in the same way as the constitution will to look after the well-being of the citizens.

Think of every security issue and it’s impact and include everything in the plan, from firearms policy to emergency measures.

3. Think broad

Don’t limit yourself to problems faced in just your office or as you see it. Invite different department heads for their opinion. Don’t set conditions which are too specific, instead keep them flexible enough to include all situations where they can be used as guidelines to follow by your staff and security officers. For example, in one of your offices a security guard may be responsible for visitor control, whereas in the other it may be the job of a receptionist.

4. Rope in the experts

Always ask the experts to help you with your security plan. Take advantage of your security company’s expertise in the matter and sit down with them to discuss possible threats and risks. For a bigger office, you might also want to set up a security committee which will overlook all security measures that would be put into place.

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