Event Security in UK and The Private Security Industry Act 2001

Any event security services in the UK are regulated by SIA and The Private Security Industry Act. All individuals involved as manned guards or private security guards require an SIA licence. When the activity is in relation to licensed premises, then a door supervisor licence is required, otherwise a security guard licence or a door supervisor licence is required.

The Private Security Industry Act

In UK, the security services business generates a revenue of around £4 billion every year and employs over 250,000 people. Licensing of security personnel ensures an event organiser or the venue manager of the security of their event. It also standardises the security business by following a statutory code of practice.

Under the amended Private Security Industry Act 2001’s Section 3 and Schedule 2, the requirements of a licence are determined by the role of an individual. As such, the licences are either:

  • A front line licence – When undertaking designated licensable activity, other than key holding; or
  • A non-front line licence – For those who manage/supervise or employ individuals engaged in designated licensable activity, as long as front line activity is not carried out.

Event Security

When organising an event, the main emphasis lies on protecting the guests from any harm what so ever. Event security service such as us provide security guards that are well versed in the intricacies of guarding and protecting both guests and assets in an event. These security guards are well trained in conflict management, site security checks, entrance checks, marshaling crowds and exit management strategies. Also, in an emergency they know how to provide emergency services such as first aid and fire marshaling, in addition to working closely with other public emergency service providers such as the Police and Fire Brigade.

Some of the most common places where our security guards have been called up to provide event security are:

SIA -G3 security event security company london

  • Sports events
  • PR events
  • Private functions
  • Trade fairs and consumer expos
  • Special launch events

For additional information regarding The Private Security Industry Act 2001 by the SIA, download this guide here.

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