Here at G3 Security Ltd our guards cover a wide range of sites from corporate to construction with both longstanding permanent, as well as temporary contracts. Thus, our guards are not only trained to cover general security sites but also have a substantial amount of experience in event security. We provide comprehensive man guarding services for every type of event and are available 24/7, nationwide and pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs and deliver as promised. We invest time and energy in our officers to train them to deal with several scenario situations which encourages their confidence to protect our reputation and to ensure they live up to the promises we make. Our guards check and screen all visitors and guests to your event and ensure they have authorisation to be present at the event. Our security officers pro-actively deal with any problems and carry out patrols of the entire venue. They liaise closely with your team on all issues and provide a clear and concise records throughout the event. G3 Security Ltd we have previously been involved with providing security personnel for a range of events. Listed below are some of the many type of events that we have covered in the past.

Charity Events- Charities organize a variety of events throughout the year. From fund raising to awareness events these are held in and around London as well as nationwide. Security may be the last thing you will want to think about during a charity event, but if an incident occurs at your charity event not only will this dampen the spirits of all those involved but the months of effort and organisation you and your volunteers have put in will be a complete waste. High profile celebrities and politicians attend charity events very often. Hence it is imperative that you put in place a suitable security service to ensure the smooth running of the event while ensuring the safety of all the volunteers and well-wishers.

Christmas Parties The Christmas period is the busiest in the year for our guards due to the high volume of Christmas parties taking place throughout the month of December and the nearing of new years. We suggest that all large Christmas parties should hire security supervision due to uninvited intrusions and the risk of fights breaking out.

Art Exhibition and Museum’s G3 Security Services Ltd have on many occasions provided popular London galleries with security supervision when new exhibitions take place. Our guards are trained, experienced with and trusted to deal with valuable pieces of art.

Family funfairs- Such events like this tend to become overcrowded which often leads to disorder, thus, the presence of a security personnel on such sites is essential to maintain order and ensure that everyone is safe.

Restaurant openings, Pubs and Bars- Restaurants, pubs and bars can prove to be stressful settings of work to manage especially in busy periods such as weekends and holidays. Hence, therefore our guards are often hired out by small and large restaurant, bars and pubs for crowd control, surveillance and to take charge of difficult situations.

These are just a small number of the type of events we cover amongst many others that are tailored to each client needs and requirements. If you are considering hiring a guard for an up-coming event get in touch with us at for an instant quote or call us on 02032880000 to discuss the event in detail so we are able to provide you with quality guards that will deliver the best service.