Contrary to the belief, efficient hotel security does not necessarily depend on the price tag. Instead, it relies more on the experience and techniques that are employed by the security guards.

Everyday, people from different backgrounds can be seen frolicking the corridors of any hotel. Most of them are new in town and need a place to stay which is safe and secure. As such, almost all good hotels today employ both computer based security systems as well as manned guards to keep it completely secure.

Checklist for Hotel Security

Care should be taken when employing security personnel for your hotel security and those employed should be specifically trained in matters of hotel security. Also, the security system should depend on the type of the hotel and its size. Things like Alarm Systems, CCTV and Card based security are some of the essentials. Furthermore, the security team should keep themselves abreast of all the latest news and happenings around and periodically stay in touch with the authorities for the latest.

Here is a checklist of Hotel Security that you could use to evaluate your own hotel’s security:

  1. Is the perimeter of my hotel secure? If not, then do I need a fence?
  2. Is the fence in use protected with barbed wires and not too low to climb over or a little high to crawl under?
  3. Are any materials (such as trash cans) that could be used to jump over fence kept away at a safe distance?
  4. Are the gates and hinges in good condition?
  5. Are there any volatile or flammable material which should be removed?
  6. Is the area well lit so as to not allow anyone to sneak in?
  7. Are all unused doors secure?
  8. Are all the glasses in doors protected with wire-glass or bars?
  9. Are all the locks on doors away from the glass so that they can’t be reached by just breaking glass?
  10. Are the keys stored only with trusted personnel and the locks changed periodically?
  11. Are there padlock hasps constructed so the screws can’t be removed?
  12. Are all the doors maintained well enough for any emergency evacuation?
  13. Are the windows protected by gratings, bars or other access limiting devices?
  14. Are unprotected windows locked?
  15. Are all the windows on the ground floor safe and secure? If they are not necessary, can they be replaced with a safer alternative such as a glass block?
  16. Are all skylights protected?
  17. Are roof hatches and doors properly secured?
  18. Are laundry and trash suits securely protected?
  19. Are all the ventilator shafts and vent openings protected?
  20. Are all entrances to sewers and service tunnels protected?
  21. Are all fire exits and escapes easy to access in case of emergency and yet ably protected against forced entry?
  22. Are the building walls of frame construction and fire resistive?
  23. Is the roof of the building secure and fire resistive?
  24. Is the safe in proper condition and securely fastened with alarm system?
  25. Is cash on hand kept to a minimum?
  26. Have the security officers received proper training?
  27. Are the security personnel properly armed and able?
  28. Are there regular emergency drills?
  29. Is all the monitoring equipment such as CCTV secure and working in proper condition and covers all public areas, both inside and out?
  30. Is there a proper liaison between the hotel security and the emergency services such as police and fire brigade?
  31. Is the computer facility secure and has a proper off-premises backup capability?
  32. Is the communication centre located in a secure place of the hotel?
  33. Are all wires and cables covered and secured properly against tampering?
  34. Is there an emergency communications plan in place?
  35. Are all emergency notification signs displayed properly?

You can also download this self inspection PDF to print.

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