Security officers are often hired to protect premises, personnel and deter criminal activity on a site. Their jobs can vary depending on the industry and site they are working in. Guards must also be physically fit and confident to face challenging situations.

Security Guard Jobs:
  • Patrolling, securing and monitoring premises.
  • Door supervision – this can include checking in and greeting customers
  • Deter intruders, vandalism, theft and crime
How to become a Security Officer:
  • You will need a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license. This license confirms you are ‘fit and proper’ to fulfil a security role
  • You need to be 18 and over
  • You need to pass identity and criminal record checks
  • Complete relevant approved SIA training
Skills Needed:
  • Ability to communicate well, write short reports and follow any written instructions. For example, guards will be required to fill out log sheets and write incident reports.
  • Security officers need to be confident to challenge people (i.e. face intruders on site and question them). Due to COVID some sites also require challenging people who are not wearing masks. This can sometimes be tricky and guards need to know how to manage people well.
  • Ability to take initiative and make quick decisions
  • Guards may be required to use specific devices. For example, G3 guard patrol monitoring system is utilised on many sites. The officer may be required to scan tags using this and show proof of attendance on site.

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