The pandemic saw a sudden drop in crime rates as all commercial activities came to a halt and businesses were forced to shutter down.

However, the construction industry was at the forefront of rising crime despite a decrease in the general crime rate. Theft and vandalism has been a serious issue for construction, costing the industry £400 million a year in financial damages along with being a reason for inefficiency and delays.

Building materials and tools are the most susceptible to theft according to a report by Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), where 92% of the respondents had shared that they were aware of theft occurring at their sites and 91% of them had been affected by vandalism.

Despite the precarious conditions there are many ways the construction industry can protect itself and stay out of harm’s way.

Manned Security Guards

Security guards provide a multitude of benefits when used at construction sites.

Along with being a visual deterrent to crime, they offer protection from any unwanted visitors around the property as they are trained to make real-time threat assessments and act accordingly to protect against theft or vandalism.

Due to their flexibility of use, security guards can easily be deployed at multiple locations at once, providing comprehensive coverage of the location unlike CCTV which is limited to a fixed location.

Furthermore, their presence provides a sense of security to clients and staff working at the site, leading to higher productivity as they are reassured of their safety.

K9 Security Dogs

Security guard dogs have long been used as an additional layer of protection in the construction industry.

The primary advantage of a K9 security unit is its ability to provide a complete perimeter search, without using expensive equipment. They can be leveraged to scan entry and exit points to deter potential security threats.

Security dogs also assist in safeguarding the site location from common threats of vandalism as intruders are less likely to trespass into a location being protected by a professionally trained guard dog in addition to a security guard.

Mobile Security Patrols

Securing the outer perimeter of the construction site is equally as important as having security within the site.

Mobile security patrolling offers a robust coverage of the surroundings of the site where threats may emerge from and acts as a proactive measure to counter any unlawful activity.

As most acts of vandalism, such as graffiti, are perpetrated outside the premises where mobile security can respond to these unlawful activities in a timely manner and prevent damage from occurring.

At G3 Security, our highly trained security guards, K9 response units and mobile patrolling services provide a dynamic security cover to secure your construction site from all arising threats.

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