Security guards who are trained to work in Healthcare facilities have their work cut out for them. Not only do they need to guard the facilities against external threats, but also have to often protect the patients from harming themselves. Those who work in mental health units need to be especially careful.

Some recent findings have reported that there has been a 22% increase in violence in mental health facilities and as a whole, healthcare violence also appears to be rising. This brings to light the importance of incident reports that security officers file. With a properly written incident report, many future eventualities can be avoided. Which brings us back to the importance of hiring security guards who don’t shy away from paperwork.

Every report filed by security officers in healthcare is critically evaluated to look for opportunities to reduce risks to patients. Many times this is based on individual behaviour of patients, which needs to be carefully monitored not only by the hospital staff but also security.

A healthcare security officer needs to be not only physically capable but also mentally sound and responsible. Each report filed needs to be credible and factually correct.

When hiring a security agency for your healthcare establishment, make sure that they provide a complete security cover that includes security for people, property and assets. Some of the most talented people work in hospitals, that includes researchers and surgeons which can be targeted by anti-social elements. Also, the hospital equipments can cost a fortune. It increases the responsibility of security guards to provide a safe and secure environment for the hospital to work and for the patients to recover.

Some of the basic functions provided by Healthcare security officers are –

  • Inspecting the facilities
  • Active security monitoring and patrolling
  • Escorting employees and guests
  • Watching patients

All security personnel who work in healthcare are trained in crisis management through non-violent use of force, CPR, Hazmat and healthcare regulations.

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