Many people are off on their holidays over the summer, which means houses are left unoccupied and are easily accessible to criminals. There are a few ways in which you can protect your premises whilst you’re away…

1. Let there be light!

Your house can’t seem completely unoccupied to criminals or trespassers, so the best way to go about this is to keep certain areas of the house well lit. This means keeping a light on in a room or purchasing a front door light that activates itself when someone enters into a certain radius. This can help deter intruders from entering or carrying out suspicious activity.

You can also invest in a light with a timer switch. This will allow you to set certain times when you want the light to be on. Most people choose to keep this on in the evening.

2. Give access to someone you trust

Nothing is worse than letters and leaflets piling up in your post box. This only motivates criminals further and tells them you’re not at home. The best way to go about this is to hand a trusted person your spare key. They can visit your home, ensure everything is in check and move all post where it’s not visible.

Before jetting off, also ensure you cancel all routine deliveries. So, groceries and online shopping need to be done well before you set off.

3. Social media doesn’t have to know…

We all know a holiday isn’t really a holiday until you broadcast it on Facebook and Instagram! However, it’s best to avoid posting anything about your holiday whilst your away, especially if you have a public account. This publicises how your house is empty and places your property at risk.

4. Ensure your property does not look unoccupied

This can be done through many ways. For instance, mowing the lawn before you leave, not leaving clothes on the washing line, keeping lights on and cancelling regular grocery deliveries.

5. Don’t leave valuables home

Expensive jewellery, laptops and other prized possessions are not safe at home. Even if these valuables are well hidden and locked away, they are subject to theft. You may want to purchase a safe locker and keep these items protected appropriately.

If you are away on holiday or if you’re worried that your premises is unsafe, contact G3 Security Services to find out more on how security officers can help protect your site from intruders. G3 Security Services strongly stress the benefits of choosing manned guarding. Our officers are exceptionally experienced and G3 provide our clients with outstanding customer service. To discuss your requirements further do not hesitate to get in contact with us and speak to a member of our operations team.

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