It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Also for those troublemakers.

It’s always important to make sure security in your home is a top priority, and even more so as the festive season approaches.

Here we share our top five tips for home security to give homeowners some ideas on how they can safeguard their homes to stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas.”

1. Lock, Stock and Carol
Did you know 40% of burglars in England and Wales gain entry through a forced door? Make sure your locks are up to the job. Don’t be tempted to leave windows or doors ajar for outdoor Christmas lighting cables as this is an open invitation to burglars.

2. Home Alone
If your home is empty, it will be an easy target for burglars. Don’t advertise your absence, make your home looks lived in while you’re away visiting family and friends. Set timers so lights, televisions and music systems are switched on and off. Remember to cancel daily paper or milk deliveries, and always be sure to let a trusted neighbour know your away so they can keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

3. Covert Christmas
Fewer things look more festive than a pile of wrapped presents under the tree. While this display may look lovely, it is far too inviting to the opportunist criminal. Ensure your gifts safe by hiding them away out of sight and out of mind. Keep prying eyes away by closing your blinds and curtains and if you can, take away the temptation by leaving it until Christmas morning to put your presents under the tree.

4. Instagram Actually
Burglars are becoming increasingly social media savvy and searching Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for potential targets. Avoid sharing too much online about where you are, when you are going or what you have got.

5. Jingle Bell Box
After the presents have been opened on Christmas Day, be discrete when you are disposing of packaging. Don’t pile up empty boxes outside your home displaying all the expensive gifts you have inside. Break the boxes down put them in black bags to disguise what they are.

We at G3 Security want you feel safe specially with regards to your home.

G3 Security Services provide all clients with exceptional services to protect premises and personnel. Hiring security officers puts companies and individuals at an advantage. Our officers can provide a physical presence. Overall, this aids to deter intruders or criminals from acting out of line.

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AT G3 security we guarantee that our guards are fully trained and share our enthusiasm in all the mentioned and we know your business is safe with us

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