What is Key Holding?

If you own a business or property, it is required that you should be able to attend to your premises within 20-minute of any emergency to resolve any alarm issues. Failure to do so on your part more than thrice could lead the Police to withdraw providing any response.

Key holding services prevent any such situation from developing. It also ensures that you or your staff are not at any risk while checking any such emergencies, and instead it’s the security company which does the job for you. It is not limited to businesses and can also be used by residential properties in case you are away from home, such as a weekend getaway or a family break.

Why choose a Key Holding Company?

  • You don’t have to drive yourself to the site, especially when you were entertaining some client on a business dinner and had a little too much to drink.
  • You don’t want to be disturbed over any false alarms at inconvenient timings.
  • Your personal safety is guaranteed as you don’t need to put yourself in the line of fire to check out any situation with the alarm.
  • You could use this to cover for your or your regular staff’s holidays.
  • You also prevent any compensation claims from any staff who may suffer an injury or accident while they act as a key holder on your behalf.
  • You get a professional security team to check out every emergency every time for your total peace of mind.

What should you look for in a Security Company?

  • How secure their own premises are?
  • How soon can they arrive at your premises? (All Key Holding service providers are required to be present at the site to deal with the alarm in under 20 minutes.)
  • Does the Security Company adhere to regulations such as BS7984 (Code of Practice for Key Holding and Alarm Response Services)?
  • Does the Security Company offer its services 24/7 and 365 days a year?

What are the common threats that Key Holding services can prevent?

  • Burglary / Theft while it’s still in progress
  • Personal kidnap or robbery
  • Criminal damage to your property
  • Assault

Our key-holding services will provide you a trained uniformed security officer with your keys to come in and take stock of the situation and respond accordingly. They would then reset your alarms as well as call in for additional help such as an electrician, engineer or a plumber if they are needed to secure your premises. You would also be sent a log sheet of the event, a copy of which will remain with the security company.

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