If you and your business are relying solely on alarm and security systems, then you are endangering your business, site and employees. Although these high-tech alarms, CCTV or other new technological security advancements provide you with intruder alerts, monitoring and sirens, security officers are still an option you won’t regret investing in.

1. Most businesses believe their workplace is safe and free from intruders, criminals or suspicious activity. However, this puts your firm at a disadvantage, if an unexpected event does occur, most staff will not be prepared to handle the situation or deal with intruders effectively. G3 Security provide well trained and experienced security officers to suit your needs. We also dedicate a client manager who is wholly responsible for ensuring the highest level of service delivery is provided to your site.

2. Many firms allocate one of their own employees to act as a security personnel when the need arises. This is a big hazard, as employees are not sufficiently trained, nor equipped with full knowledge on how to deal with a threat. Security guards can help a business against intruders, loss prevention, or even against assault or violence.

3. Easy access for unauthorised individuals in buildings could become the norm. Security officers help ID people into a site, this deters unofficial people from entering a building and reduces the risk of any crimes occurring. Security officers will also be able to check entrants’ belongings for any suspicious articles. This therefore helps businesses relax and not worry about any security crisis taking place.

G3 Security Services provide all clients with exceptional services to protect premises and personnel. Hiring security officers puts companies and individuals at an advantage. As officers can provide a physical presence, surveillance and on-going patrols on site. Overall this aids to deter intruders or criminals from acting out of line.

G3 Security Services strongly stress the benefits of choosing manned guarding.
Our officers are exceptionally experienced and G3 provide our clients with outstanding customer service. To discuss your requirements further do not hesitate to get in contact with us and speak to a member of our operations team.

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