In simple terms Risk assessment = Likelihood x Severity

Risk assessment is an integral part of any new thing before it’s commencement. It gives us a fair idea of any possible incidents and give us time to be prepared for it.
When a professional team of security services is appointed to any of the sites, they make sure that a thorough assessment is done of each site and made a formal note of it. It is done taking into a consideration the safety of every personnel present at the site and related to it.

What is Risk assessment?
It is a systematic examination of a Task, Job, Process that you carry out at work for the purpose of

  • Identifying the significant hazards
  • The risk of someone being harmed and
  • Deciding what further control measures you must take
  • to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. 

There are several factors involved in the risk assessment depending on various factors such as location, number of people involved, type of work at the location, etc. But still there are some basic things that need to be looked at-

  • who might be harmed and how?
  • what you are already doing to control the risks
  • what further action you need to take to control the risks
  • who needs to carry out the action?
  • when the action is needed

After the factors that needed to be taken into consideration are decided one needs to decide-

Who should do it?
Risk assessment should be done by a person who is

  • Experienced
  • Know the site/ area in question
  • Authorized to do so

When do we need to do it?
Before starting the work
Periodically (Depending on the nature of the site) 

How to do it?
There are several methods with which Risk assessment can be done.
But the important thing to be remembered is it should be thorough and well documented.
In such situations a checklist can be helpful hence none of the factors are missed and it is well equipped to be documented.
A checklist may include the following points:

  • Identify the hazards
  • Identify those at risk
  • Identify existing control measures
  • Evaluate the risk
  • Decide/Implement control measures
  • Record assessment
  • Monitor and review
  • Inform

If Risk Assessment is not done properly may result it

  • Serious harm to the people’s lives
  • Damage to the property and infrastructure
  • Delay in taking the action required at the site
  • Delay in reporting the appropriate authority

Even after all the precautions and preparations accidents may occur. At such times one needs competent staff to deal with it.

G3 Security Services provide all clients with exceptional services to protect premises and personnel. Hiring security officers puts companies and individuals at an advantage. As officers can provide a physical presence, surveillance, and on-going patrols on site. Overall, this aids to deter intruders or criminals from acting out of line.

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