The City of London is equally bustling with life and energy throughout the year. From shoppers on Regent Street to workers travelling on a century old Underground Tube network, everyday is welcomed with a crowd of rush, and just like any other big city around the world, London too becomes a target for unsocial elements – thieves and robbers. As such, almost every organisation employs their own security guards to safeguard its interests. Going by present statistics, the total number of private security officers in London far outnumber the number of Police personnel.

Security guards in London are responsible for –

  • Preventing crimes and unauthorised activities by guarding people and premises against any unlawful activity such as theft or criminal damage. They are also responsible for reporting any such activity to the Police and ensuring that all evidence remains preserved in its place at the scene of crime.
  • Reducing losses to their employers by preventing wastage of resources and any damage to the property caused by miscreants.
  • Monitoring any and all safety risks actively by detecting and aptly responding to any potential hazards. It could be something as little as a spill on the floor that can invite a lawsuit if someone slips and gets hurt.
  • Acting as gate security by regulating entry and exit to the property. They are also responsible for maintaining a log book when they work at the reception.
  • Taking care of any emergencies between the time they happen and the authorities (Police, Fire Department, NHS Ambulance, etc.) arrive; and then supporting the authorities with the relief work. London security teams also conduct regular evacuation drills with building occupants to maintain a high level of preparedness in case an actual emergency may arise.

It’s not too hard to spot a security guard in London. They are employed by almost all organisations who have something to protect. Some common roles for security teams involve working as

  • Gate security
  • Reception security
  • Event security
  • Bouncers
  • Floor assistants
  • Night porters
  • Hotel security
  • Construction Security
  • Retail security
  • Key holding
  • Mobile patrolling
  • Health Care security
  • Office security
  • Personal security escort
  • Mobile security escort
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