Night porters are employed by hotels to cater to guests who might need the help of hotel staff during the night hours. They also have other responsibilities for a smooth running of the hotel in the night shift.

They usually work a 11pm – 7am shift and report to the Night Supervisor. They are responsible for security of the hotel during the night. Each night porter needs to carry a log book, make rounds during the night and report any unusual activity to the duty manager. They also cover the reception area and cater to all needs of the guests which would be looked after the reception staff in daytime.

Night porters also handle any late night check-ins and keep all public areas clean and ready for the morning shift. Keeping the buffet area clean for the breakfast service and ordering newspapers for guests based on the guest list also lie in their duties.

If you are looking to work as a night porter, here is a list of what is expected of you by the management:

  • Anticipate needs of guests and follow up on any requests. Make it a personal and memorable experience for the guests.
  • Maintain a good communication link with all departments of the hotel.
  • Follow up on any complaints or comments and if you can’t help it yourself, pass it on to relevant managers.
  • Assist guests with any requests such as calling a cab or making bookings for them.
  • Make sure that your shift tasks are completed properly and on time before handing over the responsibilities at the end of the shift.
  • Be thorough with the hotel’s regulations.
  • Check in late arrivals and early departures.
  • Ensure to make prompt and proper wake up calls to guests.
  • Be fully aware of any deals or offers as well as hotel policies.
  • Make sure that all necessary supplies are well stocked and in place.
  • Report any faults of equipment to the relevant authorities.
  • Take good care of personal hygiene, be on time and in proper uniform.
  • Be flexible with working hours as you may be asked to start early or stay longer.
  • Attend all training sessions, especially – fire, health & safety, emergency and bomb procedures.
  • Be proactive and respect privacy of the guests.
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