G3 Security ltd, I don’t often say this, but this is one of the best companies I have every work for. Their approach is not top down, meaning that management is always talking down to their employee, but instead I fine that they are polite, understandable and good to work with as employers. like every company nothing is ever perfect, and there is always something more we all would like from the companies we work for, but in my honest opinion, the flexibility and honesty they have towards their employees, is the best I have seen in all my years working for different companies. Working at G3 is an experience, the team is great to work with, and I always fine that any issues are dealt with in a mature and adult like way. Both management and team work well, and I can only say it a positive experience, and a great company to work for. These are my honest opinion of this company, and I hope they continue to do well.