It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Also for those troublemakers.

Here are some tips to make the festive period safe and secure for you.

Be aware of your surroundings – Be sure to stay alert and keep an eye out for anything that doesn’t feel safe or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t get loaded with too many bags – Try to keep one hand free – Having both hands full of heavy Christmas shopping bags limits your ability to protect yourself. Share your bags with a friend where possible.

Walk confidently – Even if you feel nervous – It will keep you focused and stop you from looking lost.

Don’t walk with both headphones in your ears. You couldn’t  hear if someone is approaching you – Completely blocking out the sounds surrounding you is dangerous. If someone is approaching you from behind, your ears are your warning.

Be careful where and how you park your car. Choose a well-lit space away from pillars and reverse into a position; it’s much easier to drive forward than reversing, especially in situations of stress and fear – Never leave your keys in the ignition, even just for a minute, and make sure to lock your doors both when you’re driving and parked. Unlocked doors and left keys make your car a tempting proposition for an opportunistic thief.

If you think you are being followed, whether you’re in your car or on foot, don’t stop until you find a place with plenty of people around. If you’re extremely concerned, go to the nearest police station, or call the police. Do not make your way home until you are absolutely sure you are not being pursued.

Control your social status: Don’t be tempted to broadcast to the world your location – In the age of social media, it’s easier than ever to let the world know what you are doing at any given moment. Never underestimate how far what you post online can travel.

Only use taxis that are licensed. Find a service that you will use regularly and trust. Take a picture of the registration plate and send it to a friend – Share the taxi with a friend if you can, and always sit in the back. If you’re travelling on your own, be sure to tell a friend that you are leaving and send them a message letting them know you are home safe, so there is someone looking out for you. Be sure to not give any personal information to a chatty driver, no matter how friendly they may seem. Always make a note of the driver’s name, and also the make and colour of the car.

Always wait for the bus or train in a well-lit place, near other people if possible. Try and arrange for someone to meet you at the bus stop or station – Always plan your journeys in advance. Work out where you’re going, which stop you need to take and your departure times – especially the last one home. Also be sure to have your fare ready to save you fumbling with your purse or wallet as you board.

If you’re travelling on a bus at night, or if it’s empty, sit on the lower deck close to the driver. And if someone on board makes you feel uncomfortable, simply get up and change seats. Don’t think twice about it.

Carry your keys on the way home – It saves time fumbling for them at the door and they can also be used as a weapon.

We at G3 Security want you feel safe in any kind of personal and public situations.

G3 Security Services provide all clients with exceptional services to protect persons. Hiring security officers puts companies and individuals at an advantage. Our officers can provide a physical presence. Overall, this aids to deter intruders or criminals from acting out of line.

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