Festival season is officially upon us! A great opportunity to immerse yourself with art, music and fashion. Whilst most festivals do run smoothly, it’s always better to be on the safe side and protect yourself. So here are some of our tips and tricks for festival-goers.

1. Alcohol & Drugs

Ensure you fully understand UK law, which prohibits individuals from being in possession of illegal drugs. All festivals have strict procedures and sniffer dogs in place in place to search people. If any illegal substance is found on someone they are usually arrested or may be evicted from the festival.

2. Health & hygiene is the way forward

Essentials such as wet wipes, tissues, sanitizers and sunscreens are always mandatory – be sure to keep them with you. Hands are also bound to get a tad bit dirty, so warrant good hygiene by washing your hands at appropriate intervals to kill those pesky germs.

Hydration is key under hot weather, so carry a water bottle with you constantly.

Everyone loves a bit of fresh stall food – but don’t risk your health and ensure you only eat from a stall that is clean, has a good hygiene rating and where the food is prepared in-sight.

3. Dealing with crime

Avoid carrying valuable possessions with you as there might not be secure places to protect them. Be aware of pickpockets, especially in crowded areas. It’s also best to not carry large amount of cash with you – as it can be a headache to constantly keep it safe.

4. Big Crowds = Big Problems

Most festivals deal with crowd control exceptionally well; however, it is still good to be mindful of some of the issues that can occur. Within a large crowd, tensions may escalate, so avoid getting involved and immediately report incidents to the security team. Be aware of where the exits and escape routes are. This is helpful in case an emergency erupts on site. Avoid pushing or nudging individuals if the crowd begins to rush from one side. Most of all, stay calm, collected and cool.

5. Fraud

Don’t fall victim to fraud. Always buy festival tickets from authentic websites and ensure payment page is secure. You may want to pay with a credit card if you are in doubt of the ticket issuer being a scam. If you are by some means scammed, make sure to report the incident and the website instantly.

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