Site risk assessment before commencement of any new sites

Risk assessment is a logical as well as consistent method of assessing the assets, their vulnerabilities, associated risks and their impact. By conducting a detailed site risk assessment, you can reduce the damage from any potential risks to an acceptable cost.

To understand the importance of a detailed site risk assessment in the security industry, we need to familiarise ourselves with a few terms:

  • Risk – It is the potential of loss or damage to an asset.
  • Asset – It can be a person or property, information or activity; anything with value to it’s owner.
  • Impact – It is the amount of damage or loss that could be caused by an adversary.
  • Threat – It is the potential to cause damage or loss to the asset.
  • Adversary – It can be anyone – a group or an individual, that wants to cause damage to an asset.
  • Vulnerability – It is any weakness that can be used by the adversary to access the asset.
  • Countermeasures – These are actions on the part of the owner, taken to reduce vulnerabilities.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis – It is part of the decision making process where the management considers the costs and benefits of each proposed alternative and selects the most viable option available.

The importance of a detailed site risk assessment

What can a professional Risk Manager do for you?

While identifying potential security risks for your site, the Risk Manager would look for ways to:

  1. Reduce damage to your business
  2. Eliminate or control any indicators
  3. Utilise your security budget in a cost-effective way
  4. Minimise intelligence collection by any adversaries

They will then formulate a strategy to –

  • Identify vulnerabilities in security
  • Manipulate indicators to deceive your adversaries
  • Apply countermeasures
  • Modify countermeasures from time to time

The strategy they develop would depend on the needs of your organisation, the current laws and policies in place, expected risks to your site as well as your security budget.

With a professional risk assessment of your new site, we will assess your assets, threats to them and  any vulnerabilities that can be exploited. We will then go on to assess risks and devise countermeasure options for you to implement, and at each step of the way we will advise you with the costs and benefits, so you would always know what to expect and decide on what is necessary.

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