Within the retail sector loss prevention is the key for success. Having previously worked in retail I am aware of the drastic difference manned guarding makes to loss prevention. Losses that are influenced by theft can majorly impact monthly and annual sales figures. I understand that for larger businesses loss prevention is vital store managers are responsible for their stock and are required to have a justification for any losses that take place to those in higher authority. However, there is no reasonable justification for losses if they could be prevented. Therefore, I cannot stress enough the investment of manned guarding for your store.

Deterrent- Security guards act as a major deterrent for thieves. The simple thought of being watched can throw most thieves as they are aware of the risk they are taking whilst attempting to commit the crime of theft in a store in which a security guard is present. Therefore, thieves are more likely to target stores that do not have security cover. In order to get the best turnover at the end of the day and reach their individual sales targets store staff must keep themselves busy by serving as many customers as they can therefore it is not possible for them to do so and keep an eye on each person that walks through the door.

Crowd control- Often during busy periods maintaining order an become difficult therefore having a guard at hand who is able do this whilst your staff remain busy in customer service duties. During peak times of the day stores can get extremely busy and it is during these times that opportunistic thieves choose to strike. Therefore, it will be beneficial to your business to consider hiring guard for these periods as well as season sales when your store gets very busy.

Evacuation procedures- Security guards are also trained to deal with evacuation procedures when a fire alarm is activated. They are responsible for getting all customers out of the store quickly and efficiently.

Police Liaison- To avoid dealing with the stress of liaising with the police when a shop lifter is caught it is useful to have someone at hand who can do this for you whilst you focus on your other duties.

CCTV monitoring- Managers are unable to put their work off just to monitor the CCTV therefore, it is important to recruit someone who can do that for you. Often stores have a CCTV system installed but there is nobody to monitor it making it a waste on an investment. Therefore, if you have CCTV installed in your store to enact as a deterrent it will also be beneficial to you to have a security officer monitor it to prevent as much theft as possible.

G3 Security Ltd is responsible for providing many large UK high street and private retailors with Security officers. Our guards are based in stores all throughout London including sites like Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Lakeside, Blue Water, Westfield and many more.

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