Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, which means some people are celebrating the weekend before, the weekend after and all of October. Spooky parties and trick-or-treating also means being extra cautious! That’s why we’ve put together our top safety tips for this year’s spooky pumpkin season.

Decoration Safety

Whether you are putting up eerie lights, decorative pumpkins and spiderwebs ensure all electrical outlets are being used appropriately. Follow the manual instructions when putting up the decorations and do your best to avoid unexpected damage.

Spooky candles are always a nice idea for décor! However, be mindful as children, pets and guests can easily knock these over, resulting is more damage than necessary. It’s always a safer option to use battery operated candles.

Drive Safely

Every year, a number of incidents are reported on pedestrian and car accidents during Halloween season.

  • Drivers need to be cautious and alert
  • Keep their eye on the road
  • Ensure their vehicle headlights are on.
  • Drive Slowly
  • Pay more attention at corners, intersections and alleyway
Homeowners: Be Wary

Many children may be trick-or-treating. It’s always good to keep outdoor lights on, remove unnecessary items from your driveway or porch, as this can trip a child. Moreover, some children may have allergies, you may want to consider handing out stickers or small toys just to be on the safe side.

Costume Safety

Whether you are buying a costume for yourself or a child, make sure the costume, wigs and accessories are all fire-resistant. When purchasing make-up, ensure it is nontoxic and do a patch test first.

If children are trick-or-treating in the evening, you may want to add a reflective tape to their outfit or hand them glow sticks. This helps make children visible and reduces the risk of danger.

Chocolates and Sweets

Inspecting sweets and chocolates before eating them is a must! Especially as such edibles can come from sources that are unknown and not trustworthy.

Children should also avoid any food that isn’t wrapped, or anything that seems as if it has been tampered with.

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