Summer is in full swing! And so are tourists…

London is one of those cities that is constantly buzzing with new and exciting activities at every corner. It can be easy to be swayed away whilst you’re enjoying yourself, but it’s vital to stay safe and always protect yourself.

Here’s some of our top tips to stay safe whilst on holiday:

1. Mind the gap (or the pickpocketers)

When exploring London, it’s inevitable that you’ll utilise the underground at some point. It’s the cheapest travel method and the best way to avoid traffic. Navigating around the different tube lines can be exceptionally daunting and you may immerse yourself in this new experience. it’s best you plan your route beforehand, so you can easily get to your location. Be sure to also check information boards around the station, which relay whether there’s a delay, disruption or cancellation on the train lines. Stay behind the yellow line on platforms – this guarantees your safe distance from the approaching trains and the platform edge. As well as taking these necessary precautions it’s also vital you always keep your valuables zipped up and with you at all times.

2. Be vigilant

Drugs and alcohol can impair reaction times and overall observations. Make sure you remain cautious and attentive whilst sightseeing and exploring. Don’t carry too much cash with you and try not to walk around with your electronics.

3. Only use registered taxis

Although the sharing economy and technology have led to an upsurge in various ‘new’ cab services. Using taxi’s or minicabs is still the norm whilst vacationing for many. Make sure you only travel in a licensed taxi. London’s Black Cabs are fully licensed, regulated and inspected by Transport for London. So, ensure that the driver has appropriate licensing information, which is usually displayed within the vehicle before you set off.

4. Don’t carry important documents with you

Losing your passport, driving licence or any other important document can be an absolute nightmare! Leave all your important documents in your hotel room, preferably in a locker and keep scanned versions of the document on the cloud.

Many tourists and group travellers choose to hire security officers for their protection. Contact G3 Security today for a quote. If you are in search of security for your business do not hesitate to get in contact with us and speak to a member of our operations team.

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