As a security company, we are approached often by candidates who know exactly what it is that they want from their job. The first and most reoccurring question we are asked is ‘What sites do you have?’. At G3 Security Services Ltd we cover every type of site from construction, corporate to retail as well as a plethora of others both indoor and outdoor.

We have noticed, however,  that the best-preferred type of site by guards is always corporate sites. The allure of corporate sites comes from appealing working hours, comfortable settings as well as the image which comes into one’s mind of Richard Madden in the BBC’s ‘The Bodyguard’. Joking aside, the job of a corporate site security office is undoubtedly more challenging than that of guards at any other type of site. This not only arises from the fact that they are working amongst and in compliance with other professionals but also due to the amount of responsibility they must take upon themselves. If you are considering working as a corporate site security office read below the top five requirements:

What it takes

Good appearance- Corporate sites demand that employees look the part due to the nature of working within a serious work setting. The security office must adapt him/herself to this setting of work and ensure he/she is always looking prim and proper. The security guard reflects the professionalism of the client as well as the security company itself.

Professional attitude – Corporate site demand utmost professionalism from their hired security service. Unlike construction sites where the guard is not in regular contact with others, corporate security officers may often engage with site professionals as well as general public daily. Therefore, they must remain professional through the working day exercising their complacency and communication skills.

High sense of responsibility- All security officers are responsible for the smooth running of their allocated sites however security guards that are allocated to corporate sites require a high sense of responsibility. This is because they are working in accordance with the organisation’s team. Therefore, they are responsible for reporting to them directly when on site.

Versatility- Often at corporate site clients provide extra instructions for guards based on their requirements. For this reason, the security guard must be versatile in order to complete his/ assignment instructions with great efficiency. On corporate sites, security officers need to perform certain duties that are not only G3 Security service’s duties but also to perform duties that are followed by clients in order to maintain efficiency thereby representing both parties. They are expected to follow all protocols, dress smart, be alert and professional always.

Excellent communication Skills- As previously mentioned, the role of a corporate security officer is in front facing. Therefore, guards who work on such sites must possess excellent communication skill in order to communicate efficiently and effectively with the client.

Here at G3 Security Services Ltd, we choose only the best candidates to represent us as an excellent service provider to our clients. If you think you have what it takes to become corporate security get in touch. If you are in search of a security guard for your business do not hesitate to get in contact with us and speak to a member of our operations team.

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