Security guard jobs involve protecting both people and property. They look out for any threats or illegal activities and also limit access to sensitive areas. Upholding the law often means that they can be easily susceptible to many unforeseen dangers. Even though specialist security guards working in high-level security duties use specialised gear, for others in the business it’s similar, regular equipment.

Everyday tools

Security officers normally carry a flash-light with them, the size of which depends on their duty. They also carry walkie-talkies, however now some guards rely on their cellphones. In addition, they use handcuffs to detain people who may come off as suspects and keep emergency kits like fire and first aid within reach. Some security guards also carry a whistle or a hand-held alarm to use in emergencies.


Security personnel often wear a hat or a jacket that sets them apart from the general populace. Sometimes they carry a badge or have a patch sewn in their clothing that says ‘Security’. Their uniforms are designed for comfort as they often work for long hours at a go. Sometimes, they also wear gloves or masks when conducting physical searches for harmful material.


To monitor people or property, security guards use equipments like CCTVs, binoculars, audio recording devices, metal detectors, x-ray screens, etc. They can also be using vehicles such as a bike or a van to patrol an area.


Sometimes, security personnel may be called on to defend themselves, their client or the general public. In order to do so effectively, they are trained for physical intervention. an initial health and safety assessment is done to ensure guards safety and reviewed regularly.

Office Work

For their daily work, security officers also need to submit reports or duty logs. They do it by filing reports on a computer or by carrying a log book. They might also need equipment such as access control key-cards or barcode badges to access restricted areas.

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