Theft of construction equipment and machinery costs the construction industry over £800 million a year. This is more than petty theft: there is a thriving, well-equipped black market for constructions goods which is kept in stock by gangs who can strip a construction site bare by morning. The costs are both immediate – from having to replace stolen equipment – and long term – from missed deadlines.

Now such theft can be prevented if you hire a bespoke construction site security service from G3 Security Services. We have a vast amount of experience providing security for construction sites. We pride ourselves in our customer service and we provide a wide selection of SIA licensed, and fully trained guards, if you want peace of mind while you build, G3 Security is the trusted choice.

Building materials and tools are the most susceptible to theft according to a report by Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), where 92% of the respondents had shared that they were aware of theft occurring at their sites and 91% of them had been affected by vandalism.

Despite these conditions there are many ways the construction industry can protect itself and stay out of harm’s way.

Manned Security Guards

Security guards provide a multitude of benefits when used at construction sites.

Along with being a visual deterrent to crime, they offer protection from any unwanted visitors around the property as they are trained to make real-time decisions and act accordingly to protect against theft or vandalism.

Due to their flexibility of use, security guards can easily be deployed at multiple locations at once, providing comprehensive coverage of the location unlike CCTV which is limited to a fixed location.

Furthermore, their presence provides a sense of security to clients and staff working at the site, leading to higher productivity as they are reassured of their safety

K9 Security Dogs

Security guard dogs have long been used as an additional resource of protection in the construction industry. As we all know, dogs are incredibly intelligent animals. They have an ability to pick up on our voices and body languages to translate a situation or emotion and are even more capable when they have been trained properly.

They put this skill of theirs to good use and can sense when things are not quite right, whether with a person or with a situation. Dogs can detect danger, and the breeds that are chosen to be security dogs are not afraid to do something about it.

The primary advantage of a K9 security unit is its ability to provide a complete perimeter search, without using expensive equipment. They can be leveraged to scan entry and exit points to deter potential security threats.

AT G3 security we are concerned about safety.

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