Managing a hotel is undeniably a challenging task due to the continuous fluidity of guests coming onto and leaving the premises, essentially, making it difficult to keep tabs on security. In essence, a hotel is a site providing conditional hospitality to its guests. It Is, for its guests, a trusted secure and comfortable space within which they are able to relax and enjoy their stay. It is the responsibility of hotel management to ensure that the hotel is a safe and secure place for each and every guest. For this reason, the arrangement of security personnel should be one of managements initial priorities.

Hotels require round the clock security and here at G3 Security Ltd we suggest that the best form of this is manned guarding as the presence of a security personal does not only provide your guests with piece of mind however they also enact as a repellent. Hotel premises, surrounding areas and car parks are an easy target for criminals. Vandals will be looking for any opportunity to steal guests’ personal belongings or car while their owners are pre-occupied. G3 Security officers are fully trained to deal and prevent with such Issues. Our hotel security team will ensure that your premises are well protected against any unauthorised access or occupation and to protect the property against damage by force of entry and theft.

The inclusion of amenities such as bars, pubs and restaurant within most larger hotels draw in not only guests but also customers which on evening and weekends see frequent crowding. Often, after a few drinks on a Friday night it is not uncommon to see a fight break out at the bar causing disruption and possible unease to guests witnessing the disturbance. Hence, security personal on site do not only enact as solutions to such disruptions however they maintain piece of mind of visitors to the hotel.

Here at G3 Security Ltd, we offer manned guarding and comprehensive hotel security solutions for safety and security of your clients and customers and helping your guest to have a great night’s sleep. Be it budget or boutique, hotel or holiday home we offer the same guarantee. Having worked with some big names in the hospitality sector we are experienced with and trusted to provide the best quality service in the business. Therefore, we ensure that any security officer we send to you is committed, responsible, reliable and highly competent within the hotel security industry.

We also offer an out of hours security service for your staff if you do not wish us to hold the keys to the premises. We will meet your member of staff at the hotel and check the premises with them, so they are not in any danger, remaining with them until the alarm is reset and the premises are secure or in event of a break in, waiting until the police arrive.

The roles and responsibilities of G3 Security Ltd personnel working within hotels

  • Internal and external site patrols including parking area
  • Authorised room checks
  • Staff and customer harassment prevention
  • Access control
  • Conduct regular site patrols to ensure ground floor windows are closed and have not been broken into.
  • Check that all guests are behaving in an acceptable way and keeping their volume low.
  • Monitor any alcohol usage in the hotel and ensure guests are not disturbed by any anti-social behaviour.
  • Highlight any health and safety issues to hotel management to be swiftly resolved.
  • Maintain the same level of respect for guests as hotel staff.
  • Surveillance of security cameras
  • Concierge duties if required
  • Door supervision if required
  • Check calls (We can implement our guard patrol monitoring system to your site to ensure our guards are completing their patrols and allow you to monitor what areas need further patrols)

We are available for one-off, ad-hoc, event cover, temporary, short-term or long-term cover in the day or night or when your hotel staff/concierge cannot make their shift. Our offices are open 24/7, 365 days a year allowing us to accommodate all last-minute security requirements. We pride ourselves on being able to cover all hotels nationwide and not let our customers down, especially in an emergency situation.

Please call on 02032880000 / 02032880011 or email it to book in your security requirement.