It’s finally that time of year, where parents and children can relax, rest and most of all have fun. Whilst some families have booked holidays, others are making use of parks, picnics, beach trips and summer camps. Although, the UK is relatively safe for children, it is always best to never leave a child unattended or let them roam around by themselves. Here’s why we’ve conjured up some tips and tricks for parents and guardians.

1. Never leave a young child unattended

Busy places such as parks, beaches and theme parks may be fun, but do keep your child close as they can easily wander off. It may be good to make your child wear a wrist band which has your number and name printed on top, this is helpful in case your child gets lost.  If you’re more tech-savvy, then give your child a tracking device. Don’t carry personalised items that identify a child’s name, address or age. This would lead strangers to know personal information on the child and can severely place a kid at risk.

2. Stranger Danger

Teach your child about stranger danger, this entails teaching them to never accept sweets, liquids or any kind of food from strangers. Ensure they don’t trust strangers or any individuals they are not familiar with. When hiring carers, guardians or a nanny for children –always ensure he/she is fully qualified, DBS checked, and you may want to get their references.

3. Swim (but safely)

  • It is absolutely mandatory that your child is supervised whilst out swimming. Despite a large crowd or lifeguards in the area, you are responsible for your own child’s safety. There should always be a swimming buddy with the child and kids should refrain from staying in the pool when they are tired or cold.

4. Be careful when carrying out BBQs

Barbeques are all fun and games until someone gets hurt or touches the hot stand. Be careful if there’s a lot of children playing and running around the grill. Keep any decorations away from the grill, never leave a grill unattended and don’t overload food onto the BBQ grill.

5. Sun Protection is absolutely mandatory

With rising temperatures and heatwaves across Europe it is best to always ensure your child wears sunscreen, shades, lightweight clothing and sun hats. Read more about staying safe in the heat on our previous blog – ‘Keep Calm and Enjoy the Heatwave’.

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